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I have had extensive experience screening and advising on documentary rough cuts. There are several ways I can can help you with your film:
– Screen and give one set of notes
– Screen at intervals during your edit schedule
– Take your almost finished film and fine cut it to completion.

Below are examples of different ways I have consulted on productions. Please email me to discuss your needs.

At Home in Utopia
Directed by Michal Goldman, 2008
Michal was editing her own film. Starting at the rough cut stage, I visited the cutting room 3 times. I would screen and give notes then come back several weeks later to assess progress.

It’s Criminal
Directed by Signe Taylor, 2017
Signe came to me with an almost finished film. Over the course of 4 days I worked on polishing - trimming some scenes, smoothing edits, fine tuning transitions, music cues, graphics, etc. This film went on to win awards at 4 film festivals and air on PBS.
Risking Light
Directed by Dawn Mikkelson, 2019
I worked with Dawn’s rough cut for about 10 days, sharpening and restructuring the narrative, then returned the cut to Dawn to finish the film.

Poetry In America
Directed by Elisa New, 2017-21
Working on a multi-part series, I gave screening notes to the other editors and on several occasions re-edited their episodes.

Woman in the Mirror
Directed by Tatyana Bronstein, 2022
Tatyana was editing her own film. I gave detailed notes for one round of edits and then took the film for about a week to fine cut it.